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About Me - Navya Adipudi

     Welcome to my portfolio! Things are definitely weird in the world with the pandemic still going on, so I hope you're doing okay!

      I'm a Lighting and Compositing Artist, currently getting through my Senior year at UT Dallas as an animation major with a minor in visual arts. I currently work as a senior lab technician at ATEC. I aspire to one day work as a lighting and compositing artist at an animation studio.

     My mom (also an artist) always jokes that I've been drawing from the age of four and used to always compete with her when she drew. I have watched all the Pixar movies with my family as they came out—so sometimes it feels like I've grown up with 3D animation. My appreciation for art and love for film have been with me since I was young. I am fortunate to have made some of the greatest passions in life, my career. 

     Some of my favorite films are Inside Out and Inception. Inside Out will always hold a special place in my heart because I've never seen a family movie cover such mature topics like mental health. I believe it can be relatable to anyone on some personal level. I aspire to be a part of movies like that—I want to contribute to making people feel complex emotions through art. I also love to bring in a little culture and some references that are fun to notice and easy to relate to in my art. All in all, my main goal as an artist is to create works of art that make people stop, and just feel.

     When I'm not behind a computer, I'm always finding ways to enrich my life and have fun. One of my favorite things to do is visit a good coffee shop (off an ever-growing list on my phone) and read a book with some mocha.

 Feel free to contact me for any business inquiries and/ or follow me on my socials to see some more of my work!